Lab Alumni

Sangjae Lee - Ph.D. '21 Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Seoul National University, Korea
Guillaume Marcaud Quantum scientist, Amazon
Stephen D. Albright - Ph.D. '20 Program Manager, Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists, New York Academy of Sciences
Yichen Jia - Ph.D. '20 Research Associate, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Juan Jiang Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
Eric Jin - Ph.D. '18 NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
Ke Zou Assistant Professor/Principal Investigator , Physics & Astronomy, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Rui Peng Associate Researcher, Fudan University, Shanghai. China
Haichao Xu Associate Researcher, Fudan University, Shanghai. China
Carolyn Zhang - B.S. '17 Research Assistant, Yale University (Advisor: Prof. Meng Cheng)
Ankit Disa - Ph.D. '16 Research Fellow, Max Planck-NYC Center for Non-equilibrium Quantum Phenomena, NY, USA
Cristina Visani Senior Materials Scientist at Nuclera, Boston, MA. USA
Lior Kornblum Assistant Professor, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa - Israel
Divine Kumah Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.
Mayra Morales-Acosta Scientist, the Institute of Materials Science at the University of Connecticut, CT. USA
Matthew Marshall Senior Scientist, Radiation Monitoring Devices, Boston, MA. USA
Joe Ngai Associate Professor, UT Arlington, TX. USA
James Reiner Technologist, Western Digital
Jason Hoffman - Ph.D. '10 Research Associate, Harvard University, Boston, MA
Carlos Vaz Scientist, Microscopy, and Magnetism, Paul Scherrer Institute, Zurich. Switzerland
Emily Allen - M.S. '09 Science Teacher, The Governor's Academy
Agham Posadas - Ph.D. '07 Senior Scientist, University Texas Austin, TX. USA
Xia Hong - Ph.D. '06 Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska. USA
Jeng-bang Yau Research Staff Member, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. USA
Hajo Molegraaf Co-founder, Rolsch Assetmanagement, Enschede Area. The Netherlands
Vanessa Wood - B.S. '05 Vice President for Knowledge Transfer and Corporate Relations, ETH Zurich, Professor, Dept. of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, ETH Zurich
Edward Laird - B.S. '04
Andrew Lin - B.S. '03 Analyst and Developer at Luminoso Technologies, U.S. Physics Olympiad Coach
Aleksandr Verevkin Visiting Scientist, University of Rochester
Nicholas Bingham Associate Research Scientist, Yale, New Haven, CT